1203, 2014

My Post on Pastors.com : 7 Actions

Check out my article on Rick Warren’s leadership website, Pastors.com :

7 Actions to Engage the Men in your Church


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901, 2014

Crossfit & Church : Oddly Familiar

“Check your ego at the door. It doesn’t matter where you finish, only that you finish with integrity and give it a solid effort. Leave the Gym better than when you walked in. Head high and be proud, this stuff is Hard.”


The above […]

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1610, 2013

Emotional vs. Emotionalism : What’s the Big Deal?



Because I am pursuing a MDiv degree from Denver Seminary, I often hear students and even professors discuss their fears of emotions within the church during worship. They will often argue that the church is a place of reverence and respect for the presence of God, […]

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1309, 2013

The Gospel : It’s Good News for a Reason

The gospel is not just something we needed at conversion so we can spend the rest of our Christian life obsessed with performance; it is something we need every day—the only source of our sanctification as well as our justification.  – MICHAEL HORTON

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